Holistix is a full-stack solution, which aims to reduce complexity and cost within IXPs by introducing a platform for managing, planning, and testing an Umbrella switching fabric.

The name Holistix comes from the holism theory, which suggests that various systems are all connected and everything within the internet exchange should be viewed as a whole. We decided to keep with the holistic theme and chose names from Douglas Adams’ book, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Particularly, we selected names from an illustration featured in the 2016 television series based on it. The illustration symbolically depicts a number of individuals with a connected phenomenon within “Project Blackwing,” and gives them odd and sometimes obscure codenames.

We have named the components we designed Miru (as it means to look/asses in Japanese) and Athos due to the symbol being depicted being similar to Miru’s.


Perfect Layer2 Switching Fabric

No more broadcast storm


Constructed as Addons of IXP-Manager

Providing a full-stack management with zero-touch and push-on-green.


Free Software at heart

We stick with the ethical challenge to free code for the Internets.